Lightning Strikes

This page has a couple of videos and a few photographs of thunderstorms I’ve managed to capture over the years.

Firstly, this was a memorable one over North London. It lasted the whole night!

A small but violent storm cell washed through the neighbourhood during the 2018 heatwave in Montreal. At least one strike came down a few blocks away. With clear skies afterwards, I could see the whole vertical of the back of the storm. The lightning activity from the anvil at the top is mental.

And one from my old office in Montreal:

Here’s one from August 2019, a distant storm which was less impressive when it finally arrived in the city:

A few photos now, firstly this one I managed to capture with my DSLR camera, which took quite a lot of luck and timing! The flash lasted just long enough that I had time to hit the shutter:

Another one from Montreal, but this time I cheated by editing a freeze-frame in a video:

And another from London:

Lastly, some Mammatus clouds above Montreal’s Old Town:

If you like this kind of thing, I can recommend

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