SocksProx is a light-wight VPN applet for macOS written in JXA. It requires an SSH server to establish the connection with, and implements the SOCKS5 protocol.


Click here to download SocksProx.


Download and open the zip from the download link above. Drag the applet contained within to your Applications folder.


For SocksProx to work, you’ll need to do a couple of things first.

  1. Establish an ssh key without a passphrase with your SSH server. There’s a guide to doing this here.
  2. Download proxy software for your web browser, for example FoxyProxy. Set up the proxy address as localhost, and the port as 8080. Ensure you tick the checkbox marked “SOCKS 5”.


Just launch the applet, and when prompted enter the SSH server’s address, and the username you want to connect with. After this, the tunnel will be enabled and you can hit the VPN tunnel on localhost:8080.


You can view the source here.

Version History

Version Date Release Notes
0.2 28/12/2016 Tunnel time shown as a progress bar with countdown. Quicker startup time. Dialogues dismiss themselves to prevent annoying popups in the Finder dock.
0.1 10/10/2016 Initial version.


I’m planning to also provide support for SSH passwords, as well as a full GUI.